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Date Night August 23, 2010

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On Saturday Ed and I wanted to go out but did not have a babysitter so we decided to take Westin on a date. We hoped that he would take a nap and then we could leave but since that did not happen we decided to start the date before it got to late. Westin loves ducks and love to feed them so we decided to start by going and feeding duck at Valtek or what used to be Valtek in Springville. On our way there Westin fell asleep with bread in his hand.

Once he woke up we feed the ducks.

We had to drag him back to the car so we could go to the Bean Museum. If you have not been there you need to go kids love it and it is FREE.  Once we told Westin we were going to see “a lion king”  (what he calls all lions and lion pictures now days) he got into his seat.

Of course we had to watch the video about animals while we were there. I think that we could go once a week and Westin would not get sick of it.

I do not have pictures of our last activity sorry but we went and saw How to Train your Dragon at the dollar movies. He loved it. The whole way home he was breathing fire on us.  It was such a fun day and are glad we decided to go on a family date.



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The other day Westin and I were watching a cartoon when he turns to me and says “mom watch.” So I turn m head and he starts doing the splits. I started to laugh so hard and wondered where he learned to do them. I was luck enough to get it recorded.


Ed’s Hockey Game August 22, 2010

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This is Westin at Ed’s game cheering him on. It was so cute. He could find Ed on the ice I was so impressed.

These are pictures for Ed’s hockey games this summer. It was fun to watch. He has not played hockey since the first year we were married. His team won the championship for the summer league. He start the Fall league soon.



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These are pictures of Westin saying good by to Connor and Dallin.

So Annalee and Cullen moved to Texas at the beginning of August and we are so sad. Everyday Westin asks if we can play with Connor and Dallin. I always have to draw these stick figures of Connor, Dallin, and Westin so now every stick figure is Connor & Dallin. I need to get to Texas so if any of you find a deal for airplane tickets to Fort Worth, TX let me know..



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So I have been out of the blog world for over a year. Sorry.  I decided that I need to start back up again because I am a horrible journal writer. If I do not blog it we will not remember some of the things Westin says and does. To give you a quick update on life Ed is taking the LSAT and the GMAT and applying for JD/NBA program which we will start in a year…. Yeah 4 more years of school. Westin is a little toddler making my life crazy but good. He is learning so fast and it is nice to almost understand what he is saying. I am just being a mom and trying to make our house a home. I have gotten into refinishing furniture so I am sure you will see a lot of projects that I do on here. I am almost finished with my dinning room table so stay tune.


California Trip May 5, 2009

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Those were all pictures taken at Train Town in Griffith Park in LA.  The next pictures were taken at the LA zoo.


Westin was waving to us.


The little groundhog Westin was looking at through that bubble.


Westin would have sat in that bubble forever if Ed could squat that long. 🙂



And of course I have to get pictures of the giraffes while at the zoo. Sorry there aren’t more pictures of the zoo. I think that we just got so side tracked that we forget to take pictures.


We were on our way back to Ed’s dad’s studio when I was looking out the window and saw this. I made Ed turn around so that I could get a picture. I thought that it was fake at first and then realized that they were real. The house next to it did not have one bird on it. It was so weird and gross.


I do not have a picture of the lawn but they were all over the lawn too.


Boyz II Men March 9, 2009

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I posted a while ago that I would be going to the Boyz II Men concert on March 7th. Well I went and it was a blast.


This is us at the hotel getting ready to go to the concert.


Us being goofy.


More pictures. I think we took a million.


This is in the concert hall. We danced and sang the night away. During one of thesongs they get away roses. We tried to get to the stage but if you did not have a certain seat and ticket the security was not going to have it. This is a picture of Kris who weaseled her way down there and got to the front of the stage. We were all so jealous.

img_5812 img_5813

This is after the show. Jess, Cari, and I are acting out what we would do if we got to go back stage and see them.


So we really what to go back stage and meet Boyz II Men but we were not willing to pay $30 a piece.  Kris being the crazy amazing girl she is started talking to Todd one of the security people.


So I guessed that Kris’s magic worked we all got to go back stage and meet them. It was amazing.


Our group picture


Showing off our FREE  Back Stage Pass’s


After the show we went to the casino. I did not win any big money but…..


Jenn did… 🙂 After this picture we got yelled at. And the lady was so mean. I guess you are not aloud to take pictures in a casino. Opps 🙂


So we decided to head back to the hotel room after we got yelled at. So here is a few of us getting drunk on Root Beer and Vanilla Cream. So yummy!