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Labor Day Weekend September 6, 2010

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Rich and Dallas invited everyone over to their house to swim and have a BBQ. We had such a blast Thanks again. Westin loves to be in water and is not scared at all. I love it but it also scares me.

Here is Westin going off the diving board. He loved it. He had to do it about twenty times.

Even though he loved the diving board he loved the slide even more. I tried to get a picture of him on top of the slide but this is all that I got. He kept turning his head to fast. 🙂

He Went down the slide about 50 times.


Thanksgiving Point

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My sister-law Jenn called me and let me know that Thanksgiving Point was having their last $2 Tuesday so be decided to go. We get there and the line is huge. It wrapped around the whole side of the building but since we were there we decided to stay. The line moved pretty fast.

Here we are standing in line

Here are we once we got inside the building.

And finally in the museum.

Emmy being so cute.

Jenn tried to get a picture of Westin and I but he is still mad about not get to hold the camera. The water and sand areas were our favorite places.


Spanish Fork North Park August 30, 2010

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Spanish Fork just open a new park just east of Macey’s. They had their grand opening on Saturday. They had free hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones, pony rides, merry-go-round, and bounce-houses. Westin had a blast. Besides all of that, the playground was so nice and big kid/little kid friendly. They also have a splash pad at this park. YEAH! Westin loves water so we spent most of our time there.

We waited in line for about 45 minutes to get a 1 minute pony ride. This was the only ride we went on. 🙂 All of the other lines were so long. Westin loved it so that is all that matters.


New Bed

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As I posted earlier, Westin has learned to get out of his crib and has been sleeping on the floor with his mattress. I found a toddler bed online at Walmart.com and it cost $46 + 0.97 for shipping. That is right they shipped if for $0.97 and it only took 3 days to get here. I think that I got a deal. 🙂


Bad Words August 29, 2010

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Today we went to Ed’s grandmother’s house for the monthly get together. We were waiting to leave until his uncle Rich and Aunt Dallas got there. Westin was practicing saying “Rich” over and over again waiting for them to come.  Westin was really good at saying Rich, but after visiting for a while after they got there we decided we had better get Westin home in time for bedtime.  As we were getting ready to leave we told Westin to say by to Rich and he turned and waved and said, “Bye *itch.”  Just like he says “Borry” instead of “Sorry” he said Rich’s name a bit wrong as well. It was so funny. It was an accident, Rich, he didn’t mean it.


Saying Sorry August 25, 2010

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The cutest thing Westin said today was  “I’m borry(sorry) Joshsh”



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Westin knows how to get out of his crib and it has been a crazy few weeks. He wakes up at 5am and comes into our room and we have to try and get him back to sleep. We finally took his mattress out of the crib and put it on the floor. Even though it is 5 inches high he falls out of it. Now that he can open doors we put a child proof lock on the inside of his door, took all his toys out of his room and locked his closet. He just stays in his room until it is time to wake up. He plays with the door stops and usually falls asleep by one of them and then I go and move him back to his bed when I go up to bed. During his nap the other day he slept for 3 1/2 hours so halfway through I went to check on hm and this is what I found.