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Coffee Table….. or Not November 12, 2010

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I found this baby at a yard sale this spring for…………. $5! Yep I did type that right. $5 I was so excited. Ed has always been able to see my visions so when I brought her home he liked her. Some people in my family, I will not name names, did not like her very well. 😦  I did not need a coffee table but I did need a bench for the end of my bed. She was perfect!

So I gave her a bath and then primed her.

I used Kilz spray paint primer. It is the best.

Then I painted her Krylon Ocean Breezy spray paint. Yes SPRAY PAINT! I spray paint everything.

After she was dried I glazed her. I BIG thanks to Ed for helping with the glazing process. I applied the glaze and he wiped. It saved me two days worth of work. 🙂 Love ya babe.

I loved how she turned out.

Also another BIG thanks goes to Jenn and Josh for letting me use their space heater so the paint would not crack. 🙂

I will post a picture of her in my room when she is all dry. 🙂

Since I love make things and redoing this for cheap. I will tell you this coffee table cost $24 dollars… What a deal.

$5 for the table

$4.49 x 2 for the primer

$2.97 x 3 for the paint

I probably used a dollar worth of glaze.

Here is the before and after right next to each other.