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Living Planet Aquarium November 9, 2010

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A  few weeks ago my friend Brittany and her son Koy asked Westin and I to go to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. Westin loved it. I had fun too, so we now have a year pass. If anyone would like to go let me know. 🙂

The penguins were really fun to watch. I never realized how fast they are. One did try to poop on us but luckily there was a nice thick layer of glass between us. Westin just said “Stinky poop” and laughed.

Here we are looking at the sharks and sea turtle. Westin kept asking the turtle to come over. Finally the turtle dropped in from the top and was looking Westin right into his eyes. Westin started to shake and wanted down from the glass window. He kept watching from just a few feet away. I do not blame him I was caught off guard too. 🙂