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Bad Words August 29, 2010

Filed under: Eddie — elwstew @ 10:41 pm

Today we went to Ed’s grandmother’s house for the monthly get together. We were waiting to leave until his uncle Rich and Aunt Dallas got there. Westin was practicing saying “Rich” over and over again waiting for them to come.  Westin was really good at saying Rich, but after visiting for a while after they got there we decided we had better get Westin home in time for bedtime.  As we were getting ready to leave we told Westin to say by to Rich and he turned and waved and said, “Bye *itch.”  Just like he says “Borry” instead of “Sorry” he said Rich’s name a bit wrong as well. It was so funny. It was an accident, Rich, he didn’t mean it.


One Response to “Bad Words”

  1. Syringa Says:

    How cue:)

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