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Dad Time! June 23, 2008

Filed under: Eddie,Westin — elwstew @ 10:36 pm

When Ed gets home from work (but is still on the phone with work) he will give me a break by taking Westin and I will start dinner, finish checking my email, and finish a movie I was watching, or change in gym clothing to go to the gym. I can not quite remember this day in particular but by the way Westin looks we did not do much. He is in clothes that do not match and his socks are falling off making his feet look gigantic.

This is part of the Turtle look that he does. Look at the lips. The whole turtle look is he will scrunch his forehead, stick out his neck and do what his is doing with his lips. I love the Turtle Look but he rarely does it anymore.


One Response to “Dad Time!”

  1. Amy McKinney Says:

    I cannot believe it, when Toms wife told me you were having a baby I was so suprised and excited for you both, I miss you guys and I hope you are all doing well. Please keep in touch,
    he is a doll, I love babies.

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