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Coffee Table….. or Not November 12, 2010

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I found this baby at a yard sale this spring for…………. $5! Yep I did type that right. $5 I was so excited. Ed has always been able to see my visions so when I brought her home he liked her. Some people in my family, I will not name names, did not like her very well. 😦  I did not need a coffee table but I did need a bench for the end of my bed. She was perfect!

So I gave her a bath and then primed her.

I used Kilz spray paint primer. It is the best.

Then I painted her Krylon Ocean Breezy spray paint. Yes SPRAY PAINT! I spray paint everything.

After she was dried I glazed her. I BIG thanks to Ed for helping with the glazing process. I applied the glaze and he wiped. It saved me two days worth of work. 🙂 Love ya babe.

I loved how she turned out.

Also another BIG thanks goes to Jenn and Josh for letting me use their space heater so the paint would not crack. 🙂

I will post a picture of her in my room when she is all dry. 🙂

Since I love make things and redoing this for cheap. I will tell you this coffee table cost $24 dollars… What a deal.

$5 for the table

$4.49 x 2 for the primer

$2.97 x 3 for the paint

I probably used a dollar worth of glaze.

Here is the before and after right next to each other.


Living Planet Aquarium November 9, 2010

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A  few weeks ago my friend Brittany and her son Koy asked Westin and I to go to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. Westin loved it. I had fun too, so we now have a year pass. If anyone would like to go let me know. 🙂

The penguins were really fun to watch. I never realized how fast they are. One did try to poop on us but luckily there was a nice thick layer of glass between us. Westin just said “Stinky poop” and laughed.

Here we are looking at the sharks and sea turtle. Westin kept asking the turtle to come over. Finally the turtle dropped in from the top and was looking Westin right into his eyes. Westin started to shake and wanted down from the glass window. He kept watching from just a few feet away. I do not blame him I was caught off guard too. 🙂


Potty Training November 8, 2010

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Here are some really cute pictures of Westin when we tried to potty train him. We were doing okay but by the fifth day home all day not doing anything but watching Westin every second and then cleaning carpets I was going to go insane. When were having a perfect day not accidents and then I said yes to babysit a little boy and should have said no but Westin loves playing with him. In the two hours I had the little boy we had 4 accidents. The next day got worse I was crying all day and begged Ed to let me quit. Thank heavens he said I could we will try again when he is three.



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We were having dinner at our house the other night and Westin, Ashton, Josh, and Eddie were all on the couch playing on iphones.  Josh just sat his down when I took the picture.

Lets get a closer look at Ethan

I think he is filling a little full. 🙂 What a cute baby boy. If you take a closer look at his eyes you will see that he has longer eye lashes than me and he is only two and half months old. 😦


I wear my sunglasses at night…….. November 1, 2010

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All of you know that Westin wears glasses, so one day we were hang out over and Jenn and Josh’s when Emmy decided that Westin need to wear her sunglasses to go outside and play.

He wore them for TWO hours. I guess he is just use to his own glasses being on all the time.

Here are some cute pictures of Emmy




Koy, Westin’s new friend

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Westin making a cute smile at the new park splash pad.

Koy, Westin’s new friend. He finally has a friend that is a boy. Yeah!

Brittney got a better picture of the boys, but here they

are giving side hugs for the camera.

When we got to the park Jenn, Emmy, Ashton, & Ethan

showed up. Jenn and I think alike. 🙂

After playing on the splash pad all Westin wanted to do was climb these

stairs and run around in the bush/flower beds.


Kitchen Table. September 12, 2010

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Oh my!!! It is all done. What might you ask, my kitchen table. I decided to redo my kitchen table and chairs after I started reading this blog http://www.allthingsthrifty.com  I loved their style and I knew I could do it. I thought that it would not take me to long but it took forever. It would not have been too bad but I could not get the top of the table to look just right. I finally decided that it was as good as it was going to get. Now the car can be parked in the garage. Yeah!

Here is a before picture sorry it is all that I got.

I do not have pictures of the chairs but they were the same color of wood with cream seats that were all stained.

Abracadabra and a month later and lots of hard work…….

I glazed the table.


Labor Day Weekend September 6, 2010

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Rich and Dallas invited everyone over to their house to swim and have a BBQ. We had such a blast Thanks again. Westin loves to be in water and is not scared at all. I love it but it also scares me.

Here is Westin going off the diving board. He loved it. He had to do it about twenty times.

Even though he loved the diving board he loved the slide even more. I tried to get a picture of him on top of the slide but this is all that I got. He kept turning his head to fast. 🙂

He Went down the slide about 50 times.


Thanksgiving Point

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My sister-law Jenn called me and let me know that Thanksgiving Point was having their last $2 Tuesday so be decided to go. We get there and the line is huge. It wrapped around the whole side of the building but since we were there we decided to stay. The line moved pretty fast.

Here we are standing in line

Here are we once we got inside the building.

And finally in the museum.

Emmy being so cute.

Jenn tried to get a picture of Westin and I but he is still mad about not get to hold the camera. The water and sand areas were our favorite places.


Spanish Fork North Park August 30, 2010

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Spanish Fork just open a new park just east of Macey’s. They had their grand opening on Saturday. They had free hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones, pony rides, merry-go-round, and bounce-houses. Westin had a blast. Besides all of that, the playground was so nice and big kid/little kid friendly. They also have a splash pad at this park. YEAH! Westin loves water so we spent most of our time there.

We waited in line for about 45 minutes to get a 1 minute pony ride. This was the only ride we went on. 🙂 All of the other lines were so long. Westin loved it so that is all that matters.